What is the Right Tire Pressure for My Hyundai?

March 5th, 2020 by
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Understanding the right tire pressure levels for your Hyundai is crucial. Maintaining proper tire pressure is critical for peak driving performance, towing capacity, and fuel economy, as well as ensuring you get the full life expectancy out of your tires. While every model is different, luckily Hyundai has made checking tire pressure easy for Laurel drivers.

Hyundai Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

When you bring home a well-priced Tucson or Elantra, you can enjoy an array of specs that keep you in tune with your ride. Your Hyundai vehicle is equipped with Hyundai TPMS, a tire pressure monitoring system that monitors the exact pressure in each tire. The second you start driving, your Hyundai will start measuring the tires’ levels, displaying their measurements on your dash within a few minutes. You will be alerted if any tire’s pressure is too low indicating which tire needs air and how much. When a tire needs assistance it will flash red.

If you have filled your tires to the proper level but your system is still alerting you to an issue, it’s possible a service professional may need to perform a Hyundai TPMS reset. Big Timber drivers can visit the experts at Underriner Hyundai for fast and friendly service.

Tire Pressure Tips

Tires with low pressure increases friction between the road and the tire, resulting in extra wear and tear on your wheels. This can lead to a potential repairs or even a future accident, so keep the following in mind as you drive:

  • Check your tire pressure on a regular basis, at least once a week. You can do this by viewing your TPMS Hyundai display on your instrument cluster.
  • Tires can naturally lose 1-2 psi per month due to driving habits.
  • Shifting outdoor temperature can cause fluctuations in tire pressure.
  • If you notice a tire needs air frequently, it’s possible there is a hole or nail somewhere causing a leak. This can be an easy repair when caught early.

Here for All Your Hyundai Service Needs

Underriner Hyundai is here to help with all your tire service needs, including info about tire rotations. Check out our current service specials and let us know how we can help! And, if you’re ever in need, you can see how Hyundai Roadside Assistance works. Ready to learn more service tips? Discover how to check brake fluid and more with us today!

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