Lifetime Warranty Care

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If you tend to keep your vehicle for a long period of time, Underriner Hyundai is proud to offer you our Lifetime Warranty Care. This is a non-factory warranty and is administrated by Principal Warranty Corp. and insured by Wesco Insurance. Our new Hyundai vehicles are backed by our Lifetime Limited Powertrain Warranty, and many of our used vehicles (current model plus 14 years with less than 100,000 miles) are eligible for it as well. Look below to see what’s included!

What’s Covered?

The Lifetime Warranty Care covers aspects of your vehicle that are critical to keeping it operational, i.e., the engine, drive axle, and transmission. Here’s just a glimpse at the parts protected under the warranty:

  • Engine—engine block, standard turbochargers, cylinder head/s, electric oil and coolant pumps, timing chain cover, timing belt/chain and tensioner, and more.
  • Transmission (automatic, CVT, standard, and transfer case)—throttle valve cable, torque converter, metal cooler lines, external/internal control unit, electronic clutches, and more.
  • Drive Axle (front-, rear-, all-, and four-wheel drive)—axles and axle bearings, drive shaft and support, front hub locking assemblies, constant velocity joints, and more.
  • Fluids, filters, seals, lubricants, gaskets, and taxes needed for covered maintenance

Drive Confidently with Long-Lasting Coverage!

Don’t hesitate to contact Underriner Hyundai with any questions regarding our Lifetime Warranty Care. Call our sales department at , or visit us at 3671 Pierce Parkway in Billings, MT. Our doors and phone lines are open Monday through Saturday.

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  • Q: Is the warranty included at no charge?
  • A: Yes! Qualifying models come standard with the warranty, so it’s available to all of our customers!
  • Q: Does the lifetime warranty ever expire?
  • A: It expires only when you no longer own the vehicle. If you own your vehicle for, let’s say, the next 30 years, the warranty will keep you covered throughout.
  • Q: Is there anything I need to do to keep the warranty?
  • A: Stay current on regular manufacturer-recommended maintenance, and you’ll receive coverage without interruptions. No additional maintenance is required to retain your warranty.