Hyundai Celebrates 30 Years of Innovation

April 13th, 2016 by

Hyundai 30th AnniversaryBillings and Lockwood have long since learned to trust the Hyundai brand, and the company is now celebrating its 30th Anniversary in the United States. Since entering the U.S. market back in 1986 with just a single nameplate, Hyundai has grown year after year to become a major player across the automotive field, recently achieving 10 million sales across a lineup of 14 models. They’ve even become the official sponsor of the NFL.

30 Years of Hyundai Advances

In its 30 years, Hyundai has made monumental steps forward, and the Sonata and Elantra speak to that, being two of its all-time best-selling models. The automaker has also spearheaded a number of innovations to provide drivers from Billings and Lockwood with some of the most advanced automobiles around.


Hyundai IONIQHyundai has always sought to help both the environment and your wallet by making their cars as fuel-efficient as possible, but IONIQ is something else entirely. This will be the very first electric-based model to offer three electrified powertrains — electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid — with a single body type.

This means that drivers will be able to suit their eco-friendly vehicle to their own needs, opening up the technology to a huge number of people. IONIQ cars are still throughly engaging to drive, but, combined with Blue Drive technology for improved emissions, they’re also incredibly eco-friendly.

The Genesis

2016 Hyundai GenesisThe Hyundai Genesis represents the birth of a new level of luxury. It’s been built around an enhanced platform that is centered around accommodating every possible need that could arise.

Driver-centric cockpits and ergonomically designed seating helps perfectly cradle each occupant, and premium driving dynamics are ensured thanks to the platform’s forward-thinking construction. You’ll even be able to enjoy advanced safety features such as Driver Attention Alert.

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Hyundai is ringing in its 30th anniversary as a clear favorite among drivers in Billings, Lockwood, and across the country, and that seems set to continue with the introduction of these bold new vehicles. To learn more, contact us online, call 406-255-2361, or visit our dealership at 3671 Pierce Parkway in Billings, MT.

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