Why Buy Hyundai OEM Parts?

March 5th, 2020 by
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If you’re researching how to best service your Hyundai, you’ve probably run across the term “OEM parts”. You may have even seen it on this very site—after all, Underriner Hyundai proudly offers genuine Hyundai OEM parts to Billings, MT drivers, along with our lifetime powertrain warranty. But what are they? What separates them from aftermarket parts, and why is that distinction important?

OEM is an acronym that stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, and designates parts that are built directly by the car manufacturer and designed to fit your specific make and model. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, are produced at a high volume by third parties, designed to fit a broad range of specifications.

What Does This Mean for Your Hyundai?

When your Hyundai needs an important part replaced, what would you trust more—a part designed by the original manufacturer to fit and function exactly how the original part did, or a part designed by someone else to roughly fit anything, by someone who has never seen your vehicle? At Underriner Hyundai, we believe your vehicle deserves nothing but the best. That’s why we offer genuine Hyundai OEM parts. So when you need to keep your vehicle running like new, contact our service department, and see what a difference the genuine article can make!

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